Established in 1992, LSPR is one of London's world-class training providers. We provide a wide range of scope and are focused on providing our clients with the practical skills they need to succeed and handle complex issues. Doing business with LSPR is straightforward, transparent and based on competence, results, and trust.

LSPR has trained thousands of clients from both the private and public sectors. Courses are run on an exclusive basis, being delivered to the specific requirements of the clients. Courses can be taken live remotely or at our London-based training centre. We are close to many well-known London attractions such as Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, and are with the convenience of good transport links and a range of five-star hotels.


The courses categories:


1. Management and Leadership

Put management theory into practice and gain an insight on how to develop an effective style that works well with your teams and builds motivated and engaged employees, as well as strong leaders.


2. Project Management & Logistics

Learn how to address the growing complexity of projects and incorporate key project management tools and techniques to drive projects to a successful conclusion.


3. Defence, Geopolitics & Security

Develop a critical understanding of geopolitics, globalisation and defence, and the security measures that can be taken to resolve conflicts.


4. Accounting & Finance

Our courses provide an applied and practical approach to those involved in financial management and administration.


5. Human Resource Management & Recruitment Skills

Our courses provide a practical approach to managing a busy office or department, as well as learning core HRM skills. The courses also provide insights into best practices for hiring and recruitment processes.


For more information and dates please click HERE to see our course brochure, or click HERE to see our course calendar.

Pre-scheduled sessions: all courses are run over 3 weeks, every 6 weeks.


These courses run on a 3-day week basis - Monday to Wednesday.


Closed bespoke tailored sessions: these sessions are delivered exclusively to your team on an agreed date. Please email info@lspr-education to enquire. 


Price for open scheduled courses: £4,500 per person

Price for closed bespoke tailored courses: £6,900 per person per group


Please note special rates apply for group bookings, please enquire for more details.