Planning Your Crisis Communications



Duration: 1 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Certificate
Location: 118a Kensington Church St. London W8 4BH
Price: £680

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Duration: 1 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Certificate
Location: Remote
Price: £680

The one day Planning your Crisis Communications certificated course will focus on the key elements of crisis communications, how to formulate a crisis management plan and how to relate the plan to both internal and external communications. The training will help you explore how to prepare messaging and communications plans in readiness for risk and crisis situations.

It is inevitable that at some stage your organisation will encounter risk and crisis situations, whereby you will need to have robust communications plans in place. 

Evaluate the different methods for determining risk to use as a basis for preparing crisis communications plans and explore both unexpected and slow-onset crises caused by internal and external issues.

Throughout the training, there is an emphasis on practical learning, including how and when to put a crisis communications plan into action and how to keep your communications plan flexible and updated. The course is designed to give delegates real-life skills and capabilities that are immediately transferable to their workplace environment.

Ensure your communication function is primed to respond rapidly and effectively in a crisis to manage your businesses most valuable asset: its reputation.

On This Course You will learn:

  • Understanding the different types of risk 
  • The benefits of early intervention by implementing proactive measures
  • The impact of social media and exposing your brand to risk 
  • Formulating and planning your messaging and crisis communications plans 
  • Identify when incident and crisis communication plans should be used and when to stand down
  • Ensuring your communications plans tie in to robust crisis plans
  • Using the crisis communications plan to drive internal communication during change 
  • Planning for effective external communications
  • Successful crisis communications through the media


  • Understanding different types of risk 
  • Exploring the benefits of early risk management and intervention in avoiding a crisis 
  • The impact of social media and exposing your brand to risk
  • How to go about preparing a detailed crisis communications plan and manual 
  • Integrating your communications to your crisis planning 
  • Integrating your communications plans to internal communications strategies 
  • Using effective internal communications to deliver key message during times of change 
  • Preparing robust media messages during time of crisis 
  • Key message to appear on your "Dark site" so it is ready to go live during a crisis 
  • Understanding how to manage your communications with the media during a crisis 

Industry Expertise

LSPR has been delivering training since 1992 and has extensive experience in delivering training to a broad range of clients: PR and communications agencies, financial, consumer, oil & gas, and multiple other sectors and industries.

All of our courses are led by industry experts who all share a common purpose: to deliver the best of their knowledge, expertise and ideas to others. Our mantra is that transparency and ethics build the brand's reputation. Beyond achieving the training objectives, our courses motivate individuals to enhance their performance and add value to their organisation by understanding their team's roles and responsibilities.

Tailored Training

All LSPR programmes are tailored to each participant's needs. Before each session, we take the time to get to know you, providing a detailed Training Needs Analysis questionnaire that enables us to understand your skills, level of experience, potential knowledge gaps and expectations of the training. This means that no two sessions are the same, and your needs will always be met when choosing our training.  

Practical Learning 

With an engaging, supportive facilitation style, our training approach enables practical tools for skills transfer, improvements and real results.

Award & Recognition 

LSPR Professional Development Certificate. The Certificate is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:


The final award will be awarded on the following:

  • Critical Thinking Exercises set and completed during the training - a series of practical exercises are set for each session for the delegates to work on during their training. This is an effective way to try out what you have been learning and gain insight and feedback, as you progress with each session during the course.

Bespoke Availability 

To meet your team’s specific needs, this course is also offered as a bespoke exclusive programme. It is also offered on a one-to-one tailored basis. Delivery options are either online, in-house or at the LSPR premises in Kensington. Please contact LSPR for a proposal. 

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*One-to-one and small groups training sessions: duration may be subject to minor time alterations




My colleagues had recommended LSPR to me. My experience at LSPR was great! The small group interactions and one to one attention given meant that delivery was tailored to my needs. It meant that I was able to dive into the great case studies given to me as good practice examples. This helped me tremendously even after the course. A great balance between informed content and practical examples. John Dalton was a fantastic trainer and was able to keep the course interesting and lively. Thank you and I look forward to returning!

— Emma Symineton | Corporate Communications, Group Communications, Amadeus IT Group S.A.

This session was one of the best training sessions I have attended. Learnt how to differentiate between brand and reputation. Best take home is how to not allow an issue to become a crisis.

Sakshi Kohli | India Today Group | Crisis Communications 

I was blown away by how much I learnt in such a short space of time. The course was highly engaging, well paced and relaxed. The topics were kept relevant to us at all times. I can leave the course with renewed confidence. It was a highly enjoyable and useful experience. I could not recommend it highly enough! 

— Lucinda Darby | Marketing and Communications Manager, Construction Youth Trust