Rhys Webber

Rhys Webber BA - Website Developer and Social Media Advisor

Rhys has worked in digital media, design and marketing for 20 years since graduation from the University of Westminster. After working his way up the career ladder Rhys reached the position of Creative Director at two Central London studios, which included work on tv commercials, magazines, pop promos, and online media.

Rhys currently runs Webber Design ltd — a  full-service graphic design (for print and web) and commercial photography studio in Newport, South Wales (10 years old in 2014!). Webber Design has worked with a number of high profile clients including Sainsbury's, the NHS, Debenhams, Tata Steel, The British Army, BAE Systems and very many others. Webber Design started offering social media and online marketing consultancy for their web design clients in the late 2000's as social media platforms started to proliferate.

In addition to running Webber Design, Rhys has a portfolio career of other business activities. These include working as a Youth Entrepreneurship Role Model for the welsh government (Big Ideas Wales), developing and teaching courses in social media (here at LSPR), being director of a creative arts consultancy company, exhibiting as a fine-art photographer, acting as visiting University lecturer, and playing in the space rock band, Ampersand (guitar/vocals/keyboards).

Rhys comes from a family of teachers/lecturers and has been teaching for over twenty years (up to Masters Degree level) in London, Wales and Madrid.

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