John Dalton

John Dalton BSc, CBiol, MSB, FITOL – CEO of LSPR Global - Lead Trainer

John Dalton is a recognised authority on reputation management, leadership and impression management. He has further specialisms in risk, issue and crisis management.

With a background as a biochemist and Chartered Biologist, John's rigorous approach has attracted many to his evidence-based, holistic approach to public relations, communications and reputation management.

John has on a global level trained CEOs, managers and communications experts on reputation management, leadership, presentation skills, crisis management and related disciplines.

John's particular interest is in how organisations can build reputational capabilities, in order to make themselves more resilient against risks and emerging issues. An enthusiastic advocate of critical-thinking and scenario-planning, John has developed a special method of training that prompts clients to think about their brands and how they secure and improve them in an age of social media and rapid change. He has a particular interest in how social media,  and influential leadership, and personal branding helps build reputation.

John has a keen interest in ensuring participants actively engage with issues and topics, practically and with a solutions-driven approach. He is an expert communicator, able to distil complex concepts, to make them manageable and simple, ensuring that busy people, with varying levels of experience and backgrounds, can swiftly absorb new skills and capabilities.

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