David Fleck

David is responsible for the smooth running of our programmes and admissions, as well as general administration and marketing of events and courses. He is the key person in looking after the admissions  and plays a pivotal role in co-ordinating between our teams, the trainers and the clients.

David currently holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Media Production and has a keen interest in all things media related. David held a position as IT and Publications Officer during his time at The University of Newcastle, which saw him plan and market academic, cultural, social and sporting events at the university.  Whilst at the University of Arizona, David studied photo and film journalism, Native American studies and documentary production, his time in the USA culminating with a short documentary that he produced being screened at a local film festival.

David has travelled extensively through the Americas, Europe and Asia and has lived and studied in both Australia and the USA. David’s interests include photography, music, playing football, cinema and travel. 


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