Dalal Nageh

Dalal Nageh BSc, FITOL – Director of Training and Communications - Senior Trainer

Dalal is the LSPR's Director of Training and Communications and under her leadership and management, LSPR has grown considerably, in terms of size, recognition, and above all, reputation. Dalal has been instrumental in the development of training programmes globally and in establishing the LSPR brand worldwide. She is also responsible for some of LSPR's global franchise expansion. As a Public Relations advisor and consultant, Dalal is always available to discuss clients' development and training needs and works closely with them to ensure that they are receiving the best level of training. Dalal leads seminar discussions organised by LSPR and encourages debate and discussions on the latest developments in PR and reputation management. Dalal has presented on many of the LSPR topics, such as the importance and value of Corporate Social Responsibility as a business tool, Corporate Identity and branding both in the UK and on a worldwide level.

Dalal's principal areas of interest are in brand and identity management, event management, reputation management as well the contribution that sponsorship can add to brand equity. Dalal works closely with John Dalton, Director of LSPR, in developing key business areas of LSPR, as well as on the consultancy work with their external client.

During the Libyan revolution in 2011, Dalal was an advisor for a group of professionals who wanted to bring humanitarian assistance to the Libyan people. She also advised the Transitional National Council on message framing, stakeholder engagement, as well as developing awareness campaigns and helped draft press releases that were approved in the UK media and with the Prime Minister's Office in Downing Street.

She has extensive knowledge of training programmes and designing professional courses, especially for continuous professional development and has been awarded a Fellowship by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, in recognition of her training ability and industry experience.


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