Anastasija Berdina

Anastasija Berdina - Programmes and Communications Coordinator 

Anastasija is a key member of the events and digital communications team. She is pivotal in the organising and hosting of LSPR’s professional development programmes.

Anastasija's academic background is in Communications and Media from Richmond the American International University, London. From there she realised her passion for social media marketing. She gained experience whilst working in the Hospitality industry. Through her desire to study and develop her experience, Anastasija built strong written and oral communication skills which she implemented in her digital and social media work. She is passionate about writing and thrives in a vibrant and productive work environment, which is why she is at home working within communications at LSP and LSPR.

She has many interests outside of work that help keep her mind and body active. Anastasija enjoys dancing, which helps her to maintain a positive mindset. Apart from that, she has her own dance blog. She maintains a workout routine and she finds it helps her maintain concentration levels whilst she is at work. Finally, she likes to read both fiction and academic books, to continually broaden and improve her knowledge. This is something that is important to Anastasija, in both her personal and professional development.

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