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Duration: 5 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Diploma
Location: 118a Kensington Church St. London W8 4BH
Price: £2,980

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Duration: 5 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Diploma
Location: Remote
Price: £2,980

Develop a practical understanding of digital marketing, market research, customer analysis, innovation and design & brand management to create a seamless digital presence, whilst ensuring consistency of messaging with offline channels.

You will acquire the latest knowledge on digital and social media marketing, brand management, creating a narrative, and the power of influencers.

Strategic marketing focuses on how to develop a competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value. Delivering value to your business requires insight into your changing marketplace and decisions regarding how to match your organisation’s distinctive capabilities with valuable opportunities. Our approach is to explore marketing as a multi-faceted business process, involving creativity and innovation, alongside analytical and strategic skills.

Being able to do this is the key for many marketers to increase their contribution and influence in the organisation. The course is highly practical in its content, delivery and application.

Uncover the most up to date tools available to create dynamic digital strategy and let your organisation reap the benefits.  

On this course you will learn 

  • Getting to grips with the fundamentals of marketing
  • Develop your marketing plans using a strategic approach
  • Evaluate the latest developments in marketing strategy and their relevance in practical application
  • Explore creativity and innovation
  • Be able to gather data and information through a variety of research methods
  • Examine the marketing environment and the variables that drive decision-making through our understanding of consumer behaviour
  • Develop your understanding of up-to-date tools and tricks of leading communications marketing strategies

Day 1 - Brand and Reputation Management

  • Exploring how the brand gives the entire organisation purpose and direction.
  • Introduction to the key branding theories and branding models that are used in practice.
  • Learn to create, reposition, and extend a brand.
  • How to communicate a brand effectively to your target audiences.
  • Become equipped with the practical skills to enhance opportunity spotting and problem-solving through creative techniques and innovative processes and design.
  • Explore how to manage your brand’s positioning in the marketplace.
  • How to manage the value of your brand at all levels of the organisation.
  • How to maintain brand integrity.
  • Exploring integrated marketing communications (IMC)
  • Implementing the core communication model of marketing

Day 2 - Marketing Fundamentals and Strategy

  • Overview of the marketing planning process, including market segmentation, market place, pricing, distribution, and promotion.
  • The main activities of marketing functions.
  • Marketing strategy for existing and new markets - enhance skills in strategic thinking, in marketing and developing and presenting marketing plans.
  • Forming objectives, situation (SWOT) analysis, forecasting, target market selection, market mix strategy formation and marketing tactics development.
  • Exploring the strategic differences between marketing and sales.
  • How marketing can impact the bottom line and other areas of the organisation.
  • Designing life cycle strategies and the application of psychographics at each stage
  • Discussing the product and service life cycle, strategic elements and how they differ at each stage of the life cycle
  • Exploring and applying the core elements of the growth strategies matrix, as part of your strategy development process.

Day 3 - Market Research

  • Become orientated on the techniques and processes of understanding markets and gaining consumer insights.
  • Focusing on quantitative, qualitative and interpretative approaches to studying markets and consumers and their value for innovations and marketing strategy.
  • Learn about traditional quantitative methods, such as surveys and field experiments, and more qualitative approaches, such as ethnography, interviews and focus groups.
  • Learn to evaluate and use research output for solving marketing problems.
  • Developing an effective customer relationship management approach.
  • How to Build a customer database for marketing purposes
  • Key research methods to measure customer satisfaction, engagement and responsiveness

Day 4 - Consumer Behaviour

  • Exploring psychological, sociological and cultural approaches, to understand the behaviour of individuals in the market.
  • Understand how to segment and target your market, how to relate and create a desirable behaviour from your customers.
  • Redefining your customer orientation.
  • Learn to pinpoint the value of a lifetime value of a loyal customer analysis.
  • Discover the added revenue opportunity from Increasing retention of current customers
  • Review the cost of lost customer impact
  • Distinguish added revenue from decreasing alternative usage rates
  • How to identify and target new potential customers.
  • Identify how the promotion model and various customer groups are impacted by various mix elements in the purchase behaviour model

Day 5 - Product Innovation and Digital Marketing

  • How to continuously develop new and improved products and services, to lead and disrupt the market.
  • How is product development a risky business and why most new products fail?
  • Learn how to continuously innovate and manage product development processes.
  • Gain an understanding of the most effective ways to develop new product ideas, to garner market reactions to your ideas, and choose the right strategies to take new products to the market.
  • Exploring how digital marketing is different to using traditional media, and much more powerful. It is a two-way communication process, where marketers interact with consumers, select traffic rather than accumulate it.
  • Learn how to build consumer-brand relationships and engagements of different kinds and levels.
  • Explore a range of tools of how to use social media platforms to effectively achieve your branding and communication goals.
  • We will look what currently works for you and how to make it better and what are the current trends. How to create a seamless online presence, ensuring continuity of message across all digital platforms to deliver a more effective marketing strategy

Industry Expertise

LSPR has been delivering training since 1992 and has extensive experience in delivering training to a broad range of clients: PR and communications agencies, financial, consumer, oil & gas, and multiple other sectors and industries.

All of our courses are led by industry experts who all share a common purpose: to deliver the best of their knowledge, expertise and ideas with others. Our mantra is that transparency and ethics build the brand's reputation. Beyond achieving the training objectives, our courses motivate individuals to enhance their performance and add value to their organisation by understanding their team's roles and responsibilities.

Tailored Training

All LSPR programmes are tailored to each participant's needs. Before each session, we take the time to get to know you, providing a detailed Training Needs Analysis questionnaire which enables us to understand your skills, level of experience, potential knowledge gaps and expectations of the training. This means that no two sessions are the same, and your needs will always be met when choosing our training.

Practical Learning 

With an engaging, supportive facilitation style, our training approach enables practical tools for skills transfer, improvements and real results.

Award & Recognition 

LSPR Professional Development Diploma. The Diploma is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:


The final Diploma will be awarded on the following:
  • Critical Thinking Exercises set and completed during the training - a series of practical exercises are set for each session for the delegates to work on during their training. This is an effective way to try out what you have been learning and gain insight and feedback, as you progress with each session during the course.

Bespoke Availability 

To meet your team’s specific needs, this course is also offered as a bespoke exclusive programme. It is also offered on a one-to-one tailored basis. Delivery options are either in-house, or at the LSPR premises in Kensington. Please contact LSPR for a proposal.  

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*One-to-one and small groups training sessions: duration may be subject to minor time alterations




The staff were extremely helpful and attentive. They provided excellent pre and post course service. The course was very much tailored to my needs and gave a wealth of inspiration and a lot of food for thought!

— Emily Thomas | Assistant Director, British Council 

After completing the PR & Reputation Diploma at LSPR, I went on to work in luxury branding overseeing a wide array of brands including Gucci, Rolex, Breitling and Roberto Coin. All my best to the LSPR family! Thank you for helping me in my PR career!

— Dana Kamilar | PR & Reputation Management

The tutor had an excellent delivery and I gained a lot of knowledge in one week. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you to the staff for the warm hospitality. 

— Mopelola | Salvic Petroleum Resources Limited, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager |PR & Reputation Management

A very interesting topic, great session with good examples and cases. Practising was a very useful tool.

Hamad Al Mansoori | PR & Communication Manager, North Oil Company | Fundamentals of Public Relations

Amazing training, which gave me so much information on creating effective PR campaigns and more. I will be implementing everything I learnt within my role!


During my time at LSPR I learnt so much, my sessions were well structured, well informed and I was taught by an intelligent group of delegates.

— Akinkunmi Akinola | Sahara Group Ltd, Communication Strategy Manager |PR & Reputation Management

Another great course with LSPR, which left me buzzing with ideas to take back to work! 

PR & Sponsorship Manager, Coingaming Group 

Lots of material cover in an enthusiastic way with concrete examples and videos.

Marie Comer | Post Doc. Student | Fundamentals of Public Relations

Very interesting session. The use of imagery and videos is most defiantly very effective. The tangible and intangible elements in branding was very significant. 

— Rima A Al-Medaries | Public Investment Fund, Associate & Media Affairs |PR & Reputation Management

Offered fresh perspectives on my place and visibility within the business.

Jon Wilcox | Senior Communications Manager, Jagex | Strategic and Financial Analysis for PR professionals 

Amazing trainer, well experienced.

Israel Kgosidiile |  PR Manager | Botswana MED Regulatory Authority | Fundamentals of Public Relations 

The trainer did a great job. She was ready to accept input and comments. 

Ini Ememobong Essien | People Democratic Party | Fundamentals of Public Relations


This course has been a real life saver, giving me time and space to step back and see what I need to do next. Great venue and great trainers!

— Zoe Smeaten | Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

The trainers have good knowledge of their respective subjects. The training delivery is very interactive and enjoyable. I will be back to LSPR and recommending more people to come.

— Shitta Aderoga | TetFund, Senior Admin Officer |Presenatation Skills

One of the best investments I have made. I can use this knowledge immediately in my current career.

— Lauren Rogers | Consultant, RH Consulting

The course was balanced with theory and practice. Examples from different industries helped to broaden the vision.

— Elena Zotova | PR Manager| Creating Effective PR Strategies and Campaign

I feel that the 5 days have given me a great amount of information, in regards to  each of the topics. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in furthering their career in PR.

— Paula Garcia Acosta | Group Corporativo, Assistant | PR & Repuation Management 

One great learning experience! I enjoyed the course and I am already using the reputation management concepts in my new role.

— Jessica Clinkett | Communications Manager, Freelance Consultant

I had researched many other training programmes in the last six months, checking the strength of the companies. I choose LSPR, due to its high professionalism, reputation, expert trainers and up-to-date course content.

— Ahmed Al-Failakawi | Marketing Department Manager - Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Very organized and facilitated.

Azlina Jaffar |  Manager, Khazaam | Fundamentals of Public Relations 

A must attend course for PR and Communications professionals looking to get to the top. I highly recommend the LSPR course.

— Temesi Mukani | Corporate Affairs Manager, National Oil Corporation of Kenya

The training was very helpful to me in my job. It provided me with more skills and knowledge, concerning new media and how to deal with crisis and reputation management. Topics dealing with social media and branding, were very interesting. I hope that I can join you very soon in taking further courses. The staff were very helpful and provided excellent customer service. The atmosphere was very inviting and comfortable.

Fatemah Nasser Al-Azemi | PR & Media Director, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, State of Kuwait

Another great course with LSPR, which left me buzzing with ideas to take back to work! 

PR & Sponsorship Manager, Coingaming Group 

Very instructive. Well informed. Intelligent group of delegates. Great team work exercises

— Akinkunmi Akinola | Communication Strategy Manager, Sahara Group Ltd. | PR & Reputation Management

Session was very interesting and interactive. Due to the nature of my organisation this topic was extremely important and the session covered the key areas and more. I am so thankful for this learning opportunity. 

Nigel Browne | Corporate Relations Officer | Eastern Central Caribbean Bank 

The training was very relevant in the modern-day reputation management. I would highly recommend this course for PR managers anywhere.

— Alaneme Erasmus | TetFund, Principle Executive officer |PR & Reputation Management

The training course was really beneficial in providing a clear overview of PR campaigns with great interaction and  discussion.

Hannah Benstead | PR + Partnerships executive, Birchbox | Fundamentals of Public Relations 

Overall very engaging session. I'm leaving with some very practical advice which I can implement straight away in my day-to-day work.

Dany Rubbo | Field & Communications Marketing Manager, Contino | Creating Effective PR Strategies and Campaigns

The training was quite interesting. I met people from different countries. The trainer was super nice and professional.

Nini Rekhviashvili | PR Manager, Veon Georgia | Fundamentals of Public Relations 

The training has expended my knowledge base. It was a great course!

— Anne Knour, Marketing Communication Manager at TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG

My week at LSPR was very worthwhile. Having practised PR for 13 years, I still discovered new concepts and wider thinking. The staff are very warm and the facilities very competent. I am glad I attended and would highly recommend this course.

— Fasanya Omolola | TetFund, Head Protocol Unit | PR & Reputation Management

Case studies were presented perfectly. The way of delivering the message and info is excellent. Giving us enough time to express ourselves and ideas.

Abeer Alfayez | Senior Communications Specialist, Ministry of Housing | Fundamentals of Public Relations 

The contents were very appropriate and illustrative. The teacher was masterful, providing practical examples and adapting the cases to our area of expertise. This course has helped me to decide that I want to dedicate myself to public relations and has allowed me to have a very complete theoretical and practical approach to get started in this professional area.

— Sergio López Álvarez | University Carlos III de Madrid Creating | Effective PR Strategies and Campaign

The session was very enlightening. I like that the trainer was very engaging too.

— Maryam Abubakar | Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Communication, Kaduna State Government | Creating Effective PR Strategies and Campigns

Diana’s PR campaign course was so thorough and useful. I’ve learned some amazing insights into how to improve my PR strategies and have come away from the course feeling a lot more confident in my work. I’m looking forward to applying the techniques and best practices in my day to day work and campaigns. Diana has so much experience and knowledge which was really inspiring, she’s a fabulous trainer!

 — Fiona Hughes | Interim PR Manager, National Federation of Women’s Institutes | Creating Effective PR Strategies and Campaign

I was really impressed at how bespoke the session was. The exercises and discussion and real-life examples were all really helpful and I came away with lots of ideas.

— Naomi Elster | Head of Research and Communication | Creating Effective PR Strategy and Campaigns