Managing Effective Teams



Duration: 1 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Certificate
Location: 118a Kensington Church St. London W8 4BH
Price: £680

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Duration: 1 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Certificate
Location: Remote
Price: £680

The practical one-day certified Managing Effective Teams training course helps develop your core skills to effectively manage and inspire efficient and high-performance teams.

Every team is different, but the factors that determine a team’s success can be developed. Learn how to harness the strengths and attributes of all team members to produce the highest organisational benefit.

Discover the techniques that enable high-performing teams to perform to their maximum ability, achieve efficiency and maximise their resources.

Learn how to motivate team members and the importance of team leaders to achieve goals and commitments.

Understand key concepts like decision-making styles, performance indicators, collaboration, and team characteristics.

Learn how to deal with difficult team situations, identify sources of conflict, and effective methods of conflict reduction to facilitate positive outcomes. 

The session will have several team-building activities built into the training which can be utilised as practical takeaways to be used in the workplace.

Enhance performance by motivating and leading people with a positive impact. Create the right environment to lead your individuals, teams and organisations to success. 

On this course, you will learn:

  • To understand what is an effective team
  • How to develop team performance
  • Developing core skills and abilities within your team
  • The role of leadership in your team
  • Techniques of motivating your team members and maximising performance
  • How to manage and handle conflict within the team


What is a high performing team?

  • Defining what is meant by a team
  • What are the characteristics and traits of an effective team?
  • Exploring the benefits of successful teams

Developing Team Performance

  • Understanding how to develop a team to perform to their maximum ability
  • How to apply the team development model - forming, storming, norming, performing to realistic work situation
  • Directing your team towards maximum performance

The various roles within a team

  • Different roles in the team
  • How do they link to each other to form a cohesive team?
  • How to build on each other’s strengths and work to minimise weaknesses

Leading the team

  • The leader’s role in developing and leading the team
  • Leading a team to perform to their maximum ability
  • How to inspire and lead team vision, goals and objectives
  • Techniques to help you build confidence in tackling poor performance
  • How to give difficult feedback and dealing with under-performance

Motivating the Team

  • Motivating individuals and the cohesive entity
  • Learn tips to motivate, reward and fully engage your team members
  • How to achieve a culture of high achievement within your team

Managing Conflict in the Team

  • Understanding why conflict occurs in a team
  • Tools to manage conflict effectively
  • Techniques to minimise the damage caused by conflict and get team members motivated again



The Professional Development Diploma is approved and recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD):


CPD-Approved LSPR Professional Development Diploma: PR & Reputation Management. The Diploma is awarded with a Pass, Merit or Distinction.


The final Diploma award will be based on the following:

  • Critical Thinking Exercises set and completed during the training - a series of practical exercises are set for each session for the delegates to work on during their training. This is an effective way to try out what you have been learning and gain insight and feedback, as you progress with each session during the course.

What you need to bring with you:

Please bring with you your laptop or tablet to the training sessions.

Bespoke Availability 

To meet your team’s specific needs, this course is also offered as a bespoke exclusive programme. It is also offered on a one-to-one tailored basis. Delivery options are either in-house, or at the LSPR premises in Kensington. Please contact LSPR for a quote.

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*One-to-one and small groups training sessions: duration may be subject to minor time alterations