Manage your team using emotional intelligence and humanity

Jun 7, 2019

At LSPR we have formulated a Management thinking approach, which we believe delivers positive results in the workplace. We bring this positive management approach into our teams and integrate it within the leadership related training we deliver to our clients.

 It is built on the following four principles:

Create meaning and values 

Encouraging managers, leaders and teams to identify and harness individual beliefs, meanings and values that we attribute to our everyday lives and bring them into the workplace. We encourage an open mind approach,  to learn from each other. Incorporating values and beliefs into our management styles, means we are delivering meanings to tasks and this translates into results. We can never take away from hard work and determination to succeed. The combination of the two approaches will drive deeper meaning and impact work performance. Kindness and empathy should not be lost in the pursuit of the bottom line. I believe it can only serve to enhance performance and productivity.

Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness

This simply means having the ability to recognise and understand emotions in yourself and in others. Then taking a step further by being able to influence this awareness to manage your behaviour and relationships. In other words, it's a heightened sense of self-awareness and empathy. Managers who display emotional intelligence, are self-aware, make better decisions, communicate more effectively and inspire others. People find them easy to relate to and hence more approachable. As managers open-up, show a vulnerable side and tell their stories, others follow-suit, with offering advice, guidance and providing actionable new strategies. It's important for all managers to know that you're not in this alone. Others have faced similar challenges and can help. This creates a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Coach others and to help them reach their own solutions to issues

Effective managers can do this by:

  • Giving regular, clear and balanced feedback
  • Feedback given in a positive and motivational way
  • Matching your communications style during your one to one sessions
  • Being an “active” empathetic listener and being attentive
  • Asking the right open-ended questions, to encourage the employee to find their own solutions

A new approach to decision-making

It is so important not to make decisions in isolation.

  • Identify the issue that you are trying to reach a decision on
  • Is it an important issue and does it support other organisational goals?
  • How long will you give the process of reaching a decision?
  • Which of your stakeholders will you keep informed and involved?
  • What is their level of involvement?

We are confident that following these simple management principles, based on emotional intelligence and empathy, will result in an improvement in productivity and morale.


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