Leadership & Crisis Management (MG03)



Duration: 3 Week 10:00am - 16:00pm
Award: Diploma
Location: In-Person
Price: £4,500

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Duration: 3 Week 10:00am - 16:00pm
Award: Diploma
Location: Remote
Price: £4500

The purpose of the Leadership and Crisis Management course is essentially crisis leadership: how to strategically guide operations and people through emergency situations and bring a situation back to stability. The following situations and terms will be considered and covered:


• Emergencies – need immediate attention

• Critical incidents – important fast-moving incidents that may pose a threat to life

• Crisis – fast or slow-burning

• Major civil crisis/emergency

• Disasters –usually large scale, many fatalities and often natural disasters


The course covers context, terminology, and international standards as well as the different types of emergencies that can arise and their characteristics and problems. 

The course then covers resourcing issues and leadership of teams and recovery strategies, as well as the specific role of leadership during an emergency or crisis situation and what characteristics are deemed useful to bring an emergency back to some stability and recovery.


Please note this course runs on a 3-day week basis for three weeks - Monday to Wednesday.

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