Pinterest – a brief roundup of platform demographics and statistics

2012 was the year that became a big player on the social media scene, and the growth looks set to continue in 2013. The platforms visual nature makes it an ideal shop window as great images sell your great sexy looking products (in certain categories – good luck selling nuts and bolts there).

BITE SIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: Take a deep breath and count to ten

I’m kicking off this series of bite size social media tips with this because it came up in a meeting with a client last night, and struck a bit of a nerve. This client had recently delivered on a difficult and low-profit project. Two weeks after delivery an email arrived from the client stating that they would not be paying as they’d decided that neither the content or quality was up to scratch.

First blog!

The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) was established in 1992 by its founder and Director, John Dalton. LSPR is widely respected as a training provider specialising in PR, branding and reputation management. Located in the very heart of London, LSPR offers courses in PR and reputation management, issue and crisis management, CSR and branding.

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