Our Support for All Those Who Have Suffered in the Balkan Floods

I was very distressed to learn about the catastrophic floods that have swept large parts of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. I was shocked to witness the extent of the devastation in the region and the loss of life and property damage. Although LSPR can do little by itself to help given the magnitude, I would simply and sincerely like to express my emotional support for this region, which I love so much for its people, the beauty of its landscape and its chance of a future. All of us at LSPR will pray for a speedy recovery and hope that the correct agencies come to help in good time.

The Best Paid Tools for Online Brand Monitoring

This is the final article in our series about social media monitoring. So far I have explained the reasons and benefits of monitoring your brand and products online. I also gave you the description of ‘Top 5 Free Tools to Monitor Your Brand Online’ which can be used if you don’t have the budget for this kind of activity. Today I will talk you through the paid options of getting information about your brand and customers online. I will also explain why it is almost essential to use one of featured tools (or others of your choice) to make the most of your brand’s online presence.

Why You Should Monitor Your Brand in Social Media

The worldwide web and social media allow everyone to express their opinion, and in the past few years we have been witness to an informational revolution. The rise of social media means that over 50 per cent of internet users share their thoughts via various platforms. Over 700,000 status updates and half a million comments appear on Facebook every minute. In the same time, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

14 Tips to Get Your Press Release Published

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a very interesting discussion on Facebook regarding the art of writing press releases The conversation included PR professionals and journalists from around the world.

Why choose a career in PR

The Public Relations profession still holds the stereotype of being a glamorous and lavish industry to work in. It certainly has the perks of perhaps the odd luxury lunch meeting, much like many other client focused industries – but this comes with the reality of hard work, long hours and sheer dedication.

The valuable risk of PR stunts

Consumers on a daily basis are bombarded with advertising and PR messages, so it’s no wonder some people choose to ignore them as much as possible. Trying to get noticed through today’s media is tough and it urges brands to do the extreme to be visible to the public. Red Bull had to send a man to space in order to capture the world’s attention! It is as though everyone in today’s societies holds a ‘nothing shocks me’ complex.

The Effect of Social Media on Language

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) expands every year to include the newest commonly used words in our society. So what makes a word ‘official’ and not just slang? The reality is that what was once considered slang has now become accepted as official. Vernacular words and phrases enter the dictionary regularly. In 2013, the entries for ‘tweet’, ‘follow’ and ‘follower’ have been readjusted in the OED to represent both a noun and verb, in order to reflect use in social media.

Pinterest – a brief roundup of platform demographics and statistics

2012 was the year that Pinterest.com became a big player on the social media scene, and the growth looks set to continue in 2013. The platforms visual nature makes it an ideal shop window as great images sell your great sexy looking products (in certain categories – good luck selling nuts and bolts there).

BITE SIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: Take a deep breath and count to ten

I’m kicking off this series of bite size social media tips with this because it came up in a meeting with a client last night, and struck a bit of a nerve. This client had recently delivered on a difficult and low-profit project. Two weeks after delivery an email arrived from the client stating that they would not be paying as they’d decided that neither the content or quality was up to scratch.

First blog!

The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) was established in 1992 by its founder and Director, John Dalton. LSPR is widely respected as a training provider specialising in PR, branding and reputation management. Located in the very heart of London, LSPR offers courses in PR and reputation management, issue and crisis management, CSR and branding.

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