The Role of PR during the General Election

Just 1 day shy of the general Election and the image of a strong and stable leadership has been put under scrutiny. This week, more so than ever, the country’s leadership and perceptions of their values have been heightened by the tragic events of the last couple of weeks.

How NOT to do PR — The Importance of Media Training

Theresa May has arrived into No. 10 in a defining point of the UK’s history, by becoming the next Prime Minister after David Cameron. The current political climate is shaping up to what it ought to have been right after the vote for Britain to leave the European Union was announced last month. It was a large kafuffle that lead many to think that British politics was a complete theatrical performance – well-acted and deeply undignified.

Communication Professionals: will they sink or swim?

This summer’s Rio Olympics will be a great platform for the communication professionals to showcase their winning streak. This is in terms of creating positive brand positioning, developing loyalty, heightening brand visibility and enhancing employee engagement.

Public Relations and creativity in an SME

Public Relations has changed vastly over the past 15 years and is no longer a profession that you can live without. It is something that should be intrinsically ingrained into every business from the get go and it can be a difficult road to travel.

Successful Selling is all about Managing a Successful Relationship

Recently, I came across an article about developing and maintaining successful relationships with alumni and clients-to-be, to ensure successful selling.

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

Content marketing is the process of creating and providing consumers with content that is valuable, relevant and has a purpose. Your brand should be retaining loyal consumers, otherwise they may look elsewhere for what they want.

LSPR Article: Vocabulary & Executive Success

It is generally recognised that when someone has an extensive vocabulary they are more able to explain themselves and communicate with greater accuracy and clarity. Yet, does this advantage extend to career advancement and earning potential? Does having a richer vocabulary change the way we think and reason, thereby improving our cognition?

Emma Watson and the Importance of Consumer Engagement

Last month actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson, 25, announced that she was creating a Feminist book club named Our Shared Shelf on Goodreads. The club, which encourages anyone to join (not just women), advocates the reading of titles regarding the inspirational and thought-provoking stories of women in the world.

A PR Story – An Interview with LSPR’s Senior Trainer

Public Relations has become so prominent in today’s society that there is no place where it doesn’t exist. A good PR team can be brought together with training, influencing your company’s reputation and even the reputation of an individual. Susan Croft, PR specialist and Senior Trainer at LSPR, is here to tell us about her journey through the industry and the changes within it.

Trends that are making brands re-think stakeholder relationships

Two distinct macro trends have been challenging the way brands market and engage with their customers over the last few years. The first is generally referred to as the sharing or access economy, while the second has no specific title but refers to non-transactional rewards for customer loyalty, such as encouraging gym use or other forms of self-improvement. Although I have described them in discrete terms, they are in practice very much inter-related and part of brands’ attempt to tackle the emerging post-materialistic thinking, which pervades many sections of Western society, challenging industrial unhindered consumerism.

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