Event Management (LG02)



Duration: 3 Week 10:00am - 16:00pm
Award: Diploma
Location: In-Person
Price: £4,500

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Duration: 3 Week 10:00am - 16:00pm
Award: Diploma
Location: Remote
Price: £4500

The practical Event Management course will provide delegates with the key concepts and skills in order to successfully plan, coordinate, manage and evaluate a given event Emphasis is placed on risk assessment and safety, as well as logistics, operations, and evaluation using social media as part of the event’s post metric evaluation.

Delegates will be taken through a gradual and incremental understanding of the concepts, skills, and capabilities that are needed to tackle the practical/physical aspects of an event, as well as the more conceptual issues around planning, logistical preparation, and risk assessment. More advanced and strategic areas of event management will also be covered, such as timing, purpose, theme, brand management, message control, and media communications, social media coverage, image management, scenarios, staff planning, crisis management and post event evaluation.


Please note this course runs on a 3-day week basis for three weeks - Monday to Wednesday.

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