• Public Relations & Reputation

    PR & Reputation

    We help clients develop core PR and reputational capabilities, in order to remain competitive. We are skilled in guiding clients in what the best PR tools are for their brands. We focus on stakeholder engagement, utilising social media and creative communication strategies.

  • Crisis Management

    Crisis Management Skills

    LSPR has advised and trained many multinationals in risk, issue and crisis management. We focus on the importance of risk and issue management, as part of pre-crisis planning. Our courses place emphasis on understanding vulnerability, threat analysis and establishing crisis plans.

  • Digital Influence

    Digital Influence

    Digital and social communications is the new normal. Many organisations still struggle with reach and generating the right level of brand engagement. Understanding what really works in terms of social media is highly strategic. Our training focuses on the importance of building relationships and networks, ultimately providing useful content, that drives action.

  • Influence Management

    Influence Management

    The ability to influence and persuade others is central to all forms of communications. LSPR was one of the first UK training organisations to develop a course focusing on influence management. LSPR has invested heavily in training that incorporates influence and impression management. It aims to become the industry leader in this fascinating area of communications.

  • Strategic Thinking

    Strategic Thinking

    The ability to think strategically, in order to drive an organisation forward, is now more relevant than ever. Disruptions and automation are shaping the new economy. The ability to adapt and re-invent brands is crucial. As an outside agent looking in, LSPR provides clients with thought-provoking views of vulnerabilities and opportunities, which can be managed and exploited to maintain brand relevance and competitiveness.

  • Strategic Anticipation

    Strategic Anticipation

    Anticipating the next important factor that could disrupt or challenge a business, is an important executive skill. At LSPR we recognise that you cannot predict uncertainty, but you can prepare for it. We help clients develop techniques, such as scenario planning and horizon scanning, to help identify difficulties and opportunities.

  • Hybrid Training

    Hybrid Training

    LSPR has pioneered the use of hybrid training, which involves blending practical elements of management consultancy, with more traditional elements of training. This form of training creates a dynamic environment, in which facts are sought, assumptions challenged and client-focused solutions emerge.

  • Rapid Learning

    Rapid Learning

    We recognise the importance of optimising a client’s time during training. Our courses are structured and delivered to enable rapid learning. Each course is interactive and practical, nudging participants in the right direction. We enjoy providing the right atmosphere to explore new ideas and evaluate existing ones. Our relaxed, friendly approach helps generate coherence and discussion. When people feel comfortable, they open up and creativity flows!