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What is Greenwashing? And How to Avoid It

As the public’s awareness of environmental issues increases, so does their spending on companies that promote green policies. A survey of 2,000 UK and German consumers in 2020 found that about two thirds of consumers consider a brand’s promotion of sustainability an important factor when purchasing from them. However, some companies are capitalising on this increased interest by aligning themselves with sustainability, without making any real effort. This is called greenwashing.

Jemma Instefjord : : Jun 1, 2021
5 Min Read
Maximise your Social Media Reach with LSPR’s Recommended CSR and Sustainability Hashtags

Corporate Social Responsibility tends to be associated with “maximising value for shareholders." The scope of CSR has broadened, as brands address various social concerns. CSR now includes the environment broadly, diversity, sustainability, ethical production, climate change and workforce equality.

Miloni Jogani : : May 22, 2020
5 Min Read
Exploring CSR Strategies During a Crisis

The current crisis has impacted the world in a way, we could not have imagined. Covid-19 has instilled a sense of fear and uncertainty, compelling people to keep their physical distance, but at the same time, bringing them empathetically closer than ever. The pandemic has transformed our way of life. The changes are happening at the blink of an eye.

Miloni Jogani : : May 19, 2020
5 Min Read
The Role of Business during Covid-19

We are realising that we are more interconnected than we ever knew, and undoubtedly, we are seeing that sustainability really matters in business. The health of our communities affects our business. The wellbeing of our team affects our business. We breathe the same air, and at least in this period, we are fighting the same enemy – if we do so together, we will come out stronger together.


Olga Ivannikova : : May 5, 2020
6 Min Read
Furry CSR

In a world where leading brands are judged not only for the quality of their products but also for their Corporate Social Responsibility, Gucci proves to be an excellent example. With the Spring/Summer 2018 collection just around the corner, Gucci is joining the likes of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani in the Fur Free Alliance, an organisation that protects the interests of animals and promotes a wider sustainability plan.

LSPR : : Feb 9, 2018
5 Min Read
Public Relations and creativity in an SME

Public Relations has changed vastly over the past 15 years and is no longer a profession that you can live without. It is something that should be intrinsically ingrained into every business from the get go and it can be a difficult road to travel.

LSPR : : May 31, 2016
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