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The Benefits of Using a CRM System

CRM systems are the intelligent link that connects you to your customers. A holistic approach to CRM integrates all spheres of management, from advertising to sales, and it includes all possible communication so that the sales process is streamlined. Still, most importantly, it enables you to supply a great buying experience, improving customer satisfaction and increasing referral rates.


Anastasija Berdina : : Jul 15, 2021
2 minutes, 27 seconds Min Read
What is Copy Editing?

Copy editing is a process that ensures that text is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, semantics and formatting.

LSPR : : Nov 16, 2020
5 Min Read
How to Maintain Brand Continuity

Brand continuity is maintaining a consistent image, experience, customer care, relationship building, engagement and communication throughout and across marketing activities. Consistency is the key to success. As brands are communicated digitally, the marketing scenario is focused on delivering a cohesive image across all channels.

Miloni Jogani : : Aug 6, 2020
5 minutes Min Read
The Benefits of Podcasting

Verbal storytelling has been historically an effective method of communication. This stands true today. The increasing popularity of podcasts as a marketing tool is proof that people still enjoy learning about experiences, events, and emotions in a narrative form.

Miloni Jogani : : Jul 17, 2020
5 minutes Min Read
Creating a Successful Content Strategy for your Brand

In a fast-paced digital era, content is king. Reading quality content can encourage a reader to resonate with a brand. It is important to create a content strategy to position your brand in the best light. It has become crucial for brands to place the utmost importance on content marketing.

Miloni Jogani : : Jun 29, 2020
5 minutes Min Read
Utilising Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis to improve your business decision making

Since their inception, brands have always tried to gauge the opinions of the public. It’s not an entirely new concept to want to know what your customers are thinking, it’s just that technology has now evolved to the point where we are able to do this with more success. By utilising social media, we are now able to uncover what our audiences are saying about our own brands, our competitors, our industry and the market in general. 

David Fleck : : Jun 19, 2020
7 Min Read
Maximise your Social Media Reach with LSPR’s Recommended CSR and Sustainability Hashtags

Corporate Social Responsibility tends to be associated with “maximising value for shareholders." The scope of CSR has broadened, as brands address various social concerns. CSR now includes the environment broadly, diversity, sustainability, ethical production, climate change and workforce equality.

Miloni Jogani : : May 22, 2020
5 Min Read
How does Brexit affect marketing professionals?

Growing up, we tell our children not to use the F-Word, but since June 23rd, 2016 there has been a new taboo added to the British vocabulary, the dreaded B-Word; Brexit.

David Fleck : : Apr 18, 2019
5 Min Read
#Facebookdown. What is the future of the tech giant?

All eyes are on the Californian tech giant after it's largest ever outage which affected users worldwide overnight. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not offering any specific answers to the reasons  behind the crash, nor to his future vision of the company. 

David Fleck : : Mar 14, 2019
5 Min Read
5 ways in which digital impacted PR

The PR industry is constantly changing. The biggest impact has been the digital revolution and namely social media. Being digitally savvy is a must for anyone moving into PR. Here’s my list of top 5 most relevant changes to have impacted the PR industry.


LSPR : : Nov 8, 2018
5 Min Read
Influencer Marketing - What you need to know

"Influencer marketing in 2018 will become an integral part of a brand’s marketing mission" said Anand Narayanan, Head of Digital at Panasonic UK. Research has found that 67% of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns have helped them reach a more targeted audience, thus having an overwhelmingly positive affect on their respective businesses.

Tips for brands to succeed in Influencer marketing:

LSPR : : May 1, 2018
5 Min Read