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What is Copy Editing?

Copy editing is a process that ensures that text is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, semantics and formatting.

LSPR : : Nov 16, 2020
5 Min Read
How To Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

A thought leader is a person who has a position of authority in their area of expertise. These individuals have the drive to create an impact and inspire a change through their knowledge and experience. Thought leaders can positively influence others – they do not simply engage in a conversation, but instead, they lead the conversation.

Miloni Jogani : : Nov 5, 2020
7 Minutes Min Read
The Benefits of Podcasting

Verbal storytelling has been historically an effective method of communication. This stands true today. The increasing popularity of podcasts as a marketing tool is proof that people still enjoy learning about experiences, events, and emotions in a narrative form.

Miloni Jogani : : Jul 17, 2020
5 minutes Min Read
Your Personal Brand is Important Now More than Ever

An attractive personal brand is synonymous with the success of a business. It has been researched and proven that people generally associate a brand with a dominant person working in the company.

People are more interested in following other people rather than following companies. Human connection often creates a level of trust that is stronger than any relationship a company can attain.

Miloni Jogani : : Apr 3, 2020
6 Min Read
Blogging for Business

In this digital age, your website is your shop, office or the space people go to explore your business. People question the validity of blogging and whether it is worth their time and effort. The statistics speak for themselves. The average company that blogs receives 55% more website visitors. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website, 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles, rather than ads. These figures cannot be ignored.

LSPR : : Feb 21, 2018
5 Min Read