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Public Relations and the Olympics

A summer of events is truly upon us, Wimbledon and Euro 2020 have reached their finales, and up next is the Olympics. It is vital that the host country Japan, and other participating countries successfully handle the international media that will be flocking to the games. PR is always important to the outcome of any event, but particularly so when it happens to be the most-watched event in the world. Below, we have picked out two PR losers, and two winners from the previous games, and the lessons on media and event handling that we can learn from them.

Ryan Braby : : Jul 20, 2021
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Crisis Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The goodwill of a business is an asset. However, it makes it a vulnerable asset. It is a very thin line, which once crossed can take years to rebuild. What matters the most in the long run, is how a company stands back up after falling. This is where Crisis Management comes into the picture.

Miloni Jogani : : Apr 8, 2020
7 Min Read
Make Remote Working Work for your Organisation

LSPR's Training Director, Dalal Nageh has compiled a list of action plans to facilitate the process

The situation with the Covid-19 is causing an unprecedented change globally and impacting our working lives. 

Organisations have swiftly had to adapt, implementing measures for employees, as well as management, to work remotely.

As part of your crisis planning, it is advisable to put in place remote-working policies that take into account events that impact people working from an office. These plans and policies will need to remain flexible and adaptable, to take into consideration a rapidly changing landscape.

Where possible, training comes in useful to help people prepare for such scenarios. This form of preparation, however, is not always feasible. Keep in mind that during this period there are measures that can be actioned to help improve the engagement and productivity of remote employees.


Dalal Nageh : : Mar 19, 2020
7 Min Read
Gatwick Disruption:  a failure of crisis management or merely imagination?

Why the 20th century crisis management approach is failing organisations and what supporting techniques are required


John Dalton : : Jan 10, 2019
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