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Managing The Lockdown and Remote Working

Supermarket shelves are stripped bare. Hotels, pubs, gyms, and restaurants are closed. Holidays cancelled. We are separated from our friends and family, trying to stay healthy and looking at new ways of living and working. And these are still early days.

In less than a fortnight, Britain has experienced the kind of social and political upheaval that normally only comes when you guillotine a royal, or go to war.

Susan Croft : : Mar 31, 2020
3 Min Read
Finding your inner peace and well-being for 2020

It is that time of year where New Year’s resolutions may or may not have been fulfilled and guilt starts to creep in. It is crucial to take stock, think of ways to be kinder to yourself and nurture your well-being. It is easy to be drawn back into worries about family, job security, stress in general and everything that comes from modern living.

Here are my top 6 tips to help you re-wind, take stock and be kinder to yourself:

Dalal Nageh : : Jan 28, 2020
8 Min Read