An Insight into LSPR

So, what is it like to be part of the training experience at LSPR? For an added dimension to their learning journey on the 5-day Fundamentals of PR Diploma, our delegates were taken to a visit to the London Museum of Brands.


Author: David Fleck

Getting your communications right

Having clear communications helps shape perception about your brand. Formulating a communications campaign around your brand’s positioning is vital. Although the plan and campaign are important for engagement, the purpose can be missed in the excitement of generating the next big creative idea.


Author: Dalal Nageh

Instagram will be hiding likes. What does this mean for you?


There has been considerable attention on the story that Instagram users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand will no longer be able to see how many likes they get. The change will only affect those countries at the moment, as Instagram is training this to see if removes the pressure off digital platform’s users.


Author: Daniela Barrera-Garza

Manage your team using emotional intelligence and humanity

At LSPR we have formulated a Management thinking approach, which we believe delivers positive results in the workplace. We bring this positive management approach into our teams and integrate it within the leadership related training we deliver to our clients.

 It is built on the following four principles:

How does Brexit affect marketing professionals?

Growing up, we tell our children not to use the F-Word or the C-Word, but since June 23rd, 2016 there has been a new taboo added to the British vocabulary, the dreaded B-Word; Brexit.

#Facebookdown. What is the future of the tech giant?

All eyes are on the Californian tech giant after it's largest ever outage which affected users worldwide overnight. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not offering any specific answers to the reasons  behind the crash, nor to his future vision of the company. 

Press releases are still important for your company.

With the ever-growing number of new businesses and start-ups, it is vital that your companies’ message is being heard over the plethora of competitors.

Gatwick Disruption:  a failure of crisis management or merely imagination?

Why the 20th century crisis management approach is failing organisations and what supporting techniques are required


5 ways in which digital impacted PR

The PR industry is constantly changing. The biggest impact has been the digital revolution and namely social media. Being digitally savvy is a must for anyone moving into PR. Here’s my list of top 5 most relevant changes to have impacted the PR industry.


Influencer Marketing - What you need to know

"Influencer marketing in 2018 will become an integral part of a brand’s marketing mission" said Anand Narayanan, Head of Digital at Panasonic UK. Research has found that 67% of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns have helped them reach a more targeted audience, thus having an overwhelmingly positive affect on their respective businesses.

Tips for brands to succeed in Influencer marketing:

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