Implementing a Sustainable CSR Strategy (PR05)


Duration: 1 Day 10.30am - 3.30pm
Award: Certificate
Location: 118a Kensington Church St. London W8 4BH
Price: £680

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Duration: 1 Day 10.30am – 3.30pm
Award: Certificate
Location: Remote
Price: £680

Learn how to manage corporate social responsibility and sustainability within your organisation. Explore how to make a business case for CSR as an established strategy that helps improve the brand’s positioning and lowers risk for your organisation.

The one-day Implementing a Sustainable CSR Strategy course how to make CSR work efficiently alongside other strategies to achieve successful objectives for the organisation. CSR will be viewed from the point of view of enhancing reputation, reducing risk and managing brand image. There will be a focus during the course on how sustainability implies that a company is truly incorporating social and environmental issues into its business model.

The practical discussion led course, will allow you to understand the often-complex subject in an easy to follow and doable format. The course explores terminologies and models such as

  • Sustainable development
  • Corporate accountability
  • Creating shared value (CSV)
  • Socially responsible investment (SRI)
  • ISO management
  • Citizenship
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Chemical & emissions inventory
  • Environmental impact
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Responsible Business
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Social performance

Trending topics such as climate change and biodiversity loss as well as sustainability within the fishing, wood, food and ecotourism industries are discussed within the course, with cause-related, green and environmental marketing explained.

We will also look at the latest trends that will help your understanding on how powerful a tool CSR can be for businesses.

Delivered by leading CSR experts in a practical way, you will learn how to enhance stakeholder relationships and create positive business practices, with strong CSR strategies. CSR is much broader than philanthropy. During your training, you will

Gain an understanding of how CSR looks to change business operations in a way that maximises organisational benefits to society and minimises the risks and costs to society, all whilst keeping focused on creating business and brand value.

On This Course You will learn:

  • Understanding CSR and issues affecting businesses when considering its impact
  • Exploring CSR from an environmental and social perspective
  • Exploring CSR as a powerful business strategy and the benefits it brings when done correctly
  • Examining the changes and trends affecting CSR
  • Understanding the importance of CSR in relation to reputation management
  • Understanding how CSR can enhance your brand and help build trust and value  
  • How to incorporate CSR within your internal communications, to enhance engagement and buy-in from management and employees
  • How to effectively communicate your CSR initiatives with external stakeholders, to raise awareness and maximise engagement
  • Integrating your CSR strategies as part of your wider communications
  • Exploring the latest trends in sustainability and looking at best practice 

Topics covered:

  • Current perspectives of CSR - setting the scene for current issues 
  • How CSR strategies are changing and evolving
  • Social and environmental approaches to CSR
  • *Terminology associated with CSR
  • Trust and Reputation Management 
  • Ensuring CSR helps build brand equity and enhance trust and values 
  • Social and environmental approaches to CSR
  • CSR as an integral part of your internal communications
  • Integrating CSR as part of your HR strategy to involve employees 
  • CSR as a strategic tool to enhance stakeholder engagement 
  • Risk management versus social values 
  • How best to communicate CSR ideas and programmes
  • Current trends affecting communication around CSR - external communications strategies 
  • Case studies: examples of good CSR practices in terms of social and environmental perspectives.

Industry Expertise

LSPR has been delivering training since 1992 and has extensive experience in delivering training to a broad range of clients: PR and communications agencies, financial, consumer, oil & gas, and multiple other sectors and industries.

All of our courses are led by industry experts who all share a common purpose: to deliver the best of their knowledge, expertise and ideas with others. Our mantra is that transparency and ethics build the brand's reputation. Beyond achieving the training objectives, our courses motivate individuals to enhance their performance and add value to their organisation by understanding their team's roles and responsibilities.

Tailored Training

All LSPR programmes are tailored to each participant's needs. Before each session, we take the time to get to know you, providing a detailed Training Needs Analysis questionnaire which enables us to understand your skills, level of experience, potential knowledge gaps and expectations of the training. This means that no two sessions are the same, and your needs will always be met when choosing our training.  

Practical Learning 

With an engaging, supportive facilitation style, our training approach enables practical tools for skills transfer, improvements and real results.

Award & Recognition 

LSPR Professional Development Certificate. The Certificate is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:


The final Certificate will be awarded on the following:

  • Critical Thinking Exercises set and completed during the training - a series of practical exercises are set for each session for the delegates to work on during their training. This is an effective way to try out what you have been learning and gain insight and feedback, as you progress with each session during the course.

Bespoke Availability 

To meet your team’s specific needs, this course is also offered as a bespoke exclusive programme. It is also offered on a one-to-one tailored basis. Delivery options are either in-house, or at the LSPR premises in Kensington. Please contact LSPR for a proposal. 

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*One-to-one and small groups training sessions: duration may be subject to minor time alterations


A fascinating, well-researched and sensitivity presented insight into the area of CSR. Would highly recommend this course.

— Christopher Tancock| Elsiver, Senior Communications Manager |CSR & Sustainability

The CSR course was very useful on a personal and opernational perspective. I had the opportunity to explore and learn more about the CSR concepts and strategies, exploring real examples and initiatives. I'm excited to see how it wil benefit my career!

Nadia Noureldin | Deputy Director, Ministry of International Cooperation MOIC | CSR & Sustainability

The CSR course was well structured, packed with information, really practical and highly engaging.

Rebecca Clarkson | Freelance Consultant | CSR & Sustainability

Attending the CSR course at LSPR was highly informative and engaging. Our tutors were highly experienced and had great knowledge of the sector.

— Kate Rawlings | Irwin Mitchell, CSR Manager |CSR & Sustainability 

I am currently looking at getting a role working within CSR. The course taught me so much. I feel confident to venture into the a new position, full of ideas and motivated to succeed! Thank you to all the great stafff and trainers at LSPR!

Mark Richardson | CSR & Sustainability

The staff was extremely helpful and attentive and provided excellent pre-course service. The course was very much tailered to my needs and gave a wealth of inspiration and food for taught.

Emily Thomas | Assistant Director, British Council | CSR & Sustainability

Inspirational and thought provoking. Useful for understanding how to create value through CSR. 

— Ulrika Cattermole | Calvert 22, Executive Director |CSR & Sustainability

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to have an in-depth approach to CSR. Olga is an excellent teacher and perfectly illustrates the best CSR strategies through case studies. A pleasure to have attended this course.

— Sergio López Álvarez | University Carlos III | Implementing a Sustainable CSR Strategy

I was very pleased to have attended LSPR's CSR course. I really enjoyed being part of the group. The LSPR trainers and staff are very helpful and friendly

Yarob Al Tehnanyan | CSR & Sustainability

The 2 days have been incredibly useful. I now have a far better and thorough understanding of the subject, i also left very inspired as well as able to take the necessary tools to put into practice.

— Florine Van Everdingen | 3i, Executive Assistant |CSR & Sustainability