The Benefits of Podcasting

Jul 17, 2020

Verbal storytelling has been historically an effective method of communication. This stands true today. The increasing popularity of podcasts as a marketing tool is proof that people still enjoy learning about experiences, events, and emotions in a narrative form.

Podcasts are a combination of information and entertainment, which is engaging and useful for businesses, as well as their consumers. With increasing traction, podcasts are becoming a viable marketing channel.
Podcasting is an effective mode of marketing that allows passive consumption i.e.- target audience can listen and learn from this piece of content while doing other activities. Owing to our fast-paced lives, brands can use this platform to deliver quality content in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.
Here are some benefits of including podcasts in your marketing strategy:
1. Build a strong relationship with clients and other stakeholders:

Podcasting can help brands to establish a strong relationship with the listener. People instantly connect with other people. If they resonate with the speaker, they will start to look forward to their content and even recommend others. This will not only help in building meaningful relationships but will also expand the business community. The Engaging Brand show hosted by Anna Farmey skips industry clichés and educates listeners about the importance of connecting with people on a personal and professional level, while formulating a marketing strategy. The host shows a true passion for the art of engagement.

Click here to listen to The Engaging Brand Show.

2. Easy to create and cost-effective:

With respect to costs, podcasts are the most cost-effective medium to create engaging content. Generating high quality, relevant and entertaining content requires research, but recording a podcast is less time-consuming, as compared to writing an article or creating videos.
3. Connect with experts in your industry:

The verbal interview format of podcasts allows your audience to learn from industry experts. They can learn from the experiences, successes, and failures of the guest speakers. Apart from that, it is also great to add more expert connections to your business network. For example, in The Growth Show, HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe interacts with an expert who has witnessed remarkable growth in the industry.  The show offers candid and insightful interviews to listeners who are looking to grow their business or simply searching for inspiration.

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4. Grow audience:

Podcasts can be published on music-streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, which can expose content to millions of listeners for free. These platforms are extremely popular and can help to gain followers organically. Besides, podcast audiences are extremely loyal once they connect with the host. Spotify’s collaboration with Ellen Degeneres and ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show” helped fans to explore different content and significantly grow the audience.
5. Interactive Platform:

Podcasts are highly interactive and often stir conversation on the topic being discussed. While creating a podcast, marketers can add polls, answer questions, and even take “calls”.  These would differentiate them from competitors and make the content interactive.

Businesses need to stay relevant to survive. Using podcasts as an effective marketing platform and tool. It will help improve prospects, to remain relevant in a highly competitive market. The increasing usage of mobile devices on the go, is an indicator of the potential growth of podcasting.
LSPR’s 1-day course on ‘The Essentials of Podcasting' is highly practical and packed full of information, to get you on the road to producing your professional podcast. The programme will help you understand your audience, their needs, what is on trend, as well as how to launch, host, promote and market your podcast. 

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