How To Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Nov 5, 2020

A thought leader is a person who has a position of authority in their area of expertise. These individuals have the drive to create an impact and inspire a change through their knowledge and experience. Thought leaders can positively influence others – they do not simply engage in a conversation, but instead, they lead the conversation.

Such leaders work through the years to create a powerful personal brand – online and offline. They are continuously speaking or writing about their area of expertise. Thoughtful leaders often strive to uncomplicate the complicated through extensive research and their existing body of knowledge.

To be addressed as a “thought leader” is an ambitious goal that most business leaders aspire to achieve. It takes a lot of effort to attain the title and build trust. Here are 5 tips that will help you to become a thought leader in your industry : 

1.         Find your niche:

The foremost step to becoming a thought leader is to define your niche. Narrow down your area of interest within the industry – choose something that you are extremely passionate about. Putting forth your ideas to the world continuously is equivalent to a full-time job. Therefore you must speak, write and research about a topic you enjoy. Your preferred niche should be aligned with your experience, designation, background, industry, and target market. Once you discover your niche, it will be easier to curate content and make a mark within your industry.

2.         Stay up-to-date about your industry:

Every industry is constantly evolving with the changing trends, socio-economic scenarios, and political upheavals. Thought leaders need to stay well-versed with the industry trends and be able to provide a fresh point of view to the audience. Being a thought leader not only requires a proactive approach but also induces the need to analyse market trends, find patterns, and provide insights to solve real-world problems. Most thought leaders adopt the ‘Yes, and’ or ‘Yes, but’ approach. This approach forces them to add to the knowledge base and put forth their perspective. To become a thought leader you must have a fresh vision for your industry and most importantly, have a forward-thinking mindset. 

3.         Indulge in Content Marketing to stand out:

Content marketing is an excellent medium to expand your reach organically. You can write blog posts, articles, contribute to mainstream publications, and create a strong media presence to stand out. The key is to collate your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives into engaging content and develop a unique voice for yourself. Publishing high-quality content consistently will translate to a large follower base. Be authentic and communicate your passion for the industry innovatively.

Remember – the goal is not to market your company’s offerings. Rather, it is to present yourself as an authoritative figure within your niche.

4.         Networking:

Making the correct contacts within the industry will help to boost your presence immensely. Use professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, attend networking conferences, seminars, and industry-focused events. Never miss out on an opportunity to pitch yourself to anyone – you never know when an opportunity will lead to success. Interacting with other industry experts will increase your knowledge and sharpen your soft skills. Building a strong, loyal community is crucial to becoming a thought leader. 

5.         Get published regularly:

Take every opportunity to get published – be it writing for your blog, guest blogging, or reaching out to publications. Published articles will create long-term engagement and drive traffic to your website. Thought leaders often share new ideas, innovate, and simplify complicated concepts. The motivation to educate people eventually leads to their success. The higher the frequency of publications within your portfolio, the higher are the chances of getting noticed and acknowledged.

Establishing yourself as a thought leader is a long journey, one that involves hard work, consistent efforts, passion, patience, and of course, a tinge of luck. To be considered as a thought leader, an expert of the experts entails adding real value, which will shape the future of your industry. 

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