How to Maintain Brand Continuity

Aug 6, 2020

Brand continuity is maintaining a consistent image, experience, customer care, relationship building, engagement and communication throughout and across marketing activities. Consistency is the key to success. As brands are communicated digitally, the marketing scenario is focused on delivering a cohesive image across all channels.

A unified branding communications strategy maintains the same visual appeal and messaging across all platforms. This implies that the core of the brand is its personality. Brand continuity often results in greater market visibility, reliability and competitive advantage.  

Maintaining brand consistency is vital to the reputation of a company. Customers resonate with the story and evolution of a brand. The more they connect with the brand, the more likely they are to buy into your brand.

Here are 5 tips to maintain brand continuity:

1.Build a brand identity:

The quality of your content, customer service and the way you approach your customers forms part of brand identity. it is essential to adhere to the values and personality of the brand. Apple built its value around the brand’s values. Its brand values are reflected in the tangible elements of the brand, such as the name and logo and crucially extends to practically all other aspects of business. The customer experience of their products and brand identity are synonymous.

2.Create a well-defined brand strategy:

One of the most underrated steps of social media marketing is creating a pre-defined strategy. Without a clear picture, it is difficult to build a strong community on social media. Twitch, a live- streaming gaming platform has a strategy defined around providing real value for specific niches and communities. They rely on fan engagement for primary revenue generation. All their marketing and communication efforts are created by maintaining a pre-defined strategy in mind.

3.Protects your reputation:

Investing in branding and marketing initiatives is meaningless without pre-defined brand values built on reputation. Build brand equity by being consistent and trustworthy. Aim to connect ethically and with transparency. Long at building long-term value-led relationships that support your reputation.

4.Monitor Results:

It is crucial to measure results and track performance to improve brand continuity. Verify whether a strategy is working by measuring and evaluate the results. Doing this provides clarity about your positioning and the tweaks required to maintain brand continuity. Regularly monitor and evaluate strategies to ensure your communications are achieving the right results and to maintain effective brand continuity.

5.Taglines need to reflect core values:

Many brands have classic taglines, which form a part of their brand identity. Their taglines reflect their values and beliefs. Nike, for example has been using ‘Just do it’ for as long as we can remember. We practically identify Nike with their tagline, which proves that using taglines and slogans consistently adds to brand continuity. A catchy and meaningful tagline can be useful for social media marketing purposes as well as engaging with prospective customers. Keep it short, relevant and memorable.

Brand continuity is important for every organisation, irrespective of its size, nature or history. Maintaining consistent branding and messaging is crucial to the success of a business. Learn how to create engaging branding strategies, which enhance your brand's image and engage, with your target audiences with LSPR’s 5-day Diploma on Fundamentals of Public Relations or the 1-day course on Effective Branding and Reputation Management Strategies delve deeper into developing effective stakeholder branding experiences and engaging with an online community as well as influencers. Contact our friendly staff to learn more.

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